The Date And My Parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary

I went on a date in a pub near where I work Friday lunchtime, with a really nice and attractive South African lady called Valerie. It was shame I only got an hour for my lunch break, as I would've liked to have spent all afternoon with her. I hope that I can go out with her again. I will wait and see if she contacts me again, but I did really enjoy her company, and I think she got on well with me too.

My Date Valerie

I ended up going to the same pub again after work with friends from my firm and I came back home about 8pm.

On Saturday it was my parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary. I gave them a nice card and took their photographs together in the garden. I went out for a meal with them in the evening, which was to a great pub and restaurant in Ockley called the King's Arms. The meal I had was really nice and a good large portion. The pub was very pleasant inside and old fashioned styled, much better than many of the soulless bars in Guildford.

Today on Sunday I stayed at home. I watched a great film on DVD called ‘Boys from Brazil’, which was a thriller about old Nazis cloning Hitler, it was interesting and fun. The film had some good stars in like Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier.

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