Office Party In Bournemouth

On Thursday I was taken to Bournemouth by coach for my firmís completion party.

My company will be moving everything to Bournemouth next year from our current Guildford office.

We were shown around the Bournemouth office, which I've already visited before, then we were taken to the Royal Exeter Hotel.

Then we went to the party held in Bar So next door to the hotel.

The party was really good, as we had free drinks and food all night. The music was Brazilian style, and they also had a live band with attractive female dancers dressed wearing the type of carnival costumes they wear in Brazil.

Me and my friend Juma are going to spend a weekend in Bournemouth, as some of the people there have offered to take us out. We may even get a boat ride on the sea.

Quite a few office people got a bit drunk.

A large lady from our firm tripped and fell down one step and broke her foot. She had to be taken to a local hospital in Bournemouth. The coach left without her and without some of the other people from our Guildford firm too.

I got a lift home, and we also dropped off Helen a workmate at her flat.

I didn't get to bed until 2.00am, and then I had to get up early to go to work again!

Tonight this Saturday evening I'm going to London by Limo for Tristanís Birthday party with Adam and about 7 other of Tristanís friends, which should be good fun. I've never been in a limo before. We're also going to see a show in London called The Blue Man Group. I will post the photos on here once I've received them.

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