Freelance Graphic Design & Photography

I am able to provide my freelance services for your design and photography needs. 

I can create for you adverts for local magazines, flyers and logo designs. I am a creative thinker and I can help you as a consultant to develop ideas for branding, slogans, logos and design ideas. Please contact me with your needs including a design brief.

I also have some photography skills. I can take headshots for actor and model portfolios, outdoor model photography, and events such as gigs and club parties.

I have some photographs below, some of which I took and some I acquired. If you like any of them, I can get them printed on block canvas for you. Let me know what kind of size of picture you are after, and I can give you a quote. If there is any other kind of picture you would like printed on a block canvas, please get in touch with me, and you can also email me a high resolution image for me to get printed and put on block canvas for you.

Please email me with any design or photography enquiries you have at

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